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You want to learn how to use Instagram to promote your brand or products! But you don’t know where to start? 

You’ve followed marketing specialists on Social Media, attended their webinars and bought expensive courses. You spent hundreds of dollars and hours of your life on education, but your mind becomes increasingly confused? You’d like to consult a Social Media expert with your doubts and queries, but you don’t want to spend $2000 USD for a mentoring program?

We have a solution for you!

Transform your Instagram account by working hand in hand with experienced content creators and take your business to the next level.

Start YOUR e-learning revolution with us!


Univi is a unique online training platform developed for great mobile experience.


Start utilizing video, the most engaging format, to build trust with your audience and boost your sales.


Be part of the growing network of industry experts and meet like-minded people.


Complete at least half of the assignments on time and receive the certificate of accomplishment.​

Learn from quick lessons that give you knowledge and practice, unlike any other online course!​


Landing elements (6)

Grasp topical theory

Learn from engaging 1-3 minute vertical videos structured as mini-courses. Just enough to get you started on practicing!

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Complete your assignment

Apply what you learn at the end of each Unit. Record a short video including graphics and text content to demonstrate your new skills.

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Get tutor's feedback

Identify areas for improvement with feedback recorded just for you by one of our expert tutors! Now you’re ready to post on your IG profile.


Video is the most powerful tool to convey your message and build trust with your audience. In a study made this year, 78% of marketers said that video format helped them increase sales of their products.

If you are not an effective communicator via video channels, this is a lost opportunity for you and your business. This course will help you with creating engaging video content in a safe environment with a support of your tutor.

You will be able to re-use videos created in this course on your Instagram.

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hours of videos






recorded feedbacks

Weekly assignments

Every module of the course has its deadline, to keep you comitted to creating content regulary.

access to tutors

Throughout the course, you can ask questions using our tutors or the community chat feature in the app.


You will retain lifetime access to training videos, assignments that you submitted, and feedback provided to you.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

Get recognition

After completing at least 50% of the course assignments, you will get the Certificate.

This is a great way for you to show that you are a credible professional in the field.

You are welcome to share it in your CV or Social Media.

Learning Path

Unit 1: Set your goals

Unit 2: Five steps to identify your ideal customer

Unit 3: Present yourself BIO and profile picture

Unit 1: Where to find content ideas

Unit 2: Type of content on IG 

Unit 3: How to create a WOW content

Unit 4: Instatools: analitycs, planning and instastories apps

Unit 1: Principles of good design

Unit 2: Useful websites and applications

Unit 3: Let’s create your personal branding on social media!

Unit 4: Design process – anatomy of a good carousel post

Unit 1: Recording preparation 

Unit 2: Video editing apps

Unit 3: Video recording modes

Unit 4: Transitions and tutorials

Unit 1: Do’s and dont’s in Sales

Unit 2: Sales Strategy

Unit 3: Build relationship instead of selling

Unit 4: Sales communication

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You will never learn alone. Our experienced tutors provide personalized coaching and motivation to learn and improve your digital skills.


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Most frequent questions and answers
Unlike many cohort-based courses, at Univi you have full flexibility on when to start courses. Download the Univi app, create an account and access our innovative theory-assignment-feedback cycle.
Theory lectures in each mini-course take no more than 30 minutes to complete. Our most successful students spend another 30-60 minutes completing the assignment. We recommend another 30 minutes reflecting on tutor feedback and correction of your assignment.

While working with students, we noticed that they stay engaged when they have fixed deadline for assignment submission. You will get one week to finish each of the module of the course.
First of all, congratulate yourself for making a great progress! Secondly, the following week of material is automatically unlocked for you when you submit your assignment. After a quick rest, you can start working on the next module of the course.

Feedback for your assignment will arrive within five working days from the date of your assignment submittion.
This is a 12-week-long course. Each week you will get access to new content.

Univi doesn’t have any pre-requisites regarding past experience. The language used in theory lectures is easy to understand, we don’t use technical jargon to show off!

Each piece of feedback is individual and focuses on you and your current level of knowledge to provide you with maximum value.

After each unit, you will have the opportunity to work on your own and complete assignments given by the tutor. Once you submit your assignment to Univi, one of our tutors will provide you with audio-visual feedback on your progress within five working days. You can also contact our tutor on chat.

You don’t need to have any practical experience to join Univi. However, throughout years of experience we noticed that students with a clear goal get better results.

In Univi, you will find frameworks that will help you to identify where you want to go. Our tutors are also there for you. Remember, you’re not alone!

Of course! After completing the course, you will get certificate, as long as you completed at least six assignments.

Recruitment will be based on experience, and successful completion of a test task.

We’d love to chat, just write to us:

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If you have any questions regarding Univi, please do not hesitate to leave your message here and we will come back to you soon.