ADHD personal toolkit

Master ADHD, habits, procrastination, and more!

Why to choose Univi?

Bite-Size Learning

Watch 5 minutes animated lessons about characters overcoming challenges, like ADHD, that you might also face.


Help characters manage their ADHD. Enjoy their progress and see yourself grow as you apply what you've learned.

Feedback and Rewards

Complete quizzes, assignments, and receive custom feedback from our smart AI tutor. Get ready for a learning experience like no other!

Duolingo for ADHD management

Univi isn’t just an app. It’s your friend, your guide in the journey of self-improvement

Think of it like Duolingo, but designed for personal growth, especially for people dealing with ADHD, like you.

Created by our team of experts who themselves experience ADHD, so we understand your struggles because we’ve faced them too.

Are you ready to tackle your ADHD and start your journey towards self-improvement? 

Let Univi be your guide, leading you every step of the way, with the most engaging content designed for self-development.

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