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Univi is a video courses app with hands-on assignments and feedback from verified tutors.

Our innovative training style gives you personalized coaching and motivation to learn digital skills

Old school online learning problems

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You get bored

Online education is BORING! 59 hours of videos about digital marketing? Forget it!

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You get lost!

You’re left alone when learning online. No feedback on your practical application of new skills.

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You go broke!

Considering cohort or college based digital marketing courses? Be prepared to spend money… lots of money!!!

Start an e-learning revolution with us!


Univi is a unique online training platform, truly mobile-first.

New content weekly

Explore new lectures, assignments, and coaching opportunities every week.


Learn at your our pace, whenever you want, wherever you want! You can cancel anytime.


Be part of the growing network of industry experts and meet like-minded people.

How Univi works

Innovative training style: theory-assigment-feedback cycle
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Grasp topical theory

Learn from engaging 1-3 minute vertical videos structured as mini-courses. Just enough to get you started practicing!

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Complete your assignment

Apply what you learn at the end of each Unit. Record a short video to demonstrate your new skill.

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Get tutor's feedback

Identify areas for improvement with feedback recorded just for you by one of our expert tutors!



Most frequent questions and answers

Unlike many cohort-based courses, you have full flexibility on our platform. Download the Univi app, create an account and access our innovative theory-assignment-feedback cycle.

Recorded video lessons you can access whenever you want.

Theory lectures in each mini-course won’t take more than 30 minutes to complete. Our most successful students spend another 30-60 minutes completing the assignment. We recommend another 30 minutes reflecting on tutor feedback and correction of your assignment.

Learning never stops! We live in the world of constant change. No single course allows you to keep up with all transformations happening daily in business. We are committed to post new content weekly and you will have access to all materials published in the past. You can stay on top of all skills needed in the current internet era.

Univi doesn’t have any pre-requisites regarding past experience. The language used in theory lectures is easy to understand, we don’t use technical jargon to show off!

Each piece of feedback is individual and focuses on you and your current level of knowledge to provide you with maximum value.

After each unit, you will have the opportunity to work on your own and complete assignments given by the tutor. Once you submit your assignment to Univi, one of our tutors will provide you with audio-visual feedback on your progress within 48 hours. You can also contact our tutor on chat.

You don’t need to have any practical experience to join Univi. However, throughout years of experience we noticed that students with a clear goal get better results.

In Univi, you will find frameworks that will help you to identify where you want to go. Our tutors are also there for you. Remember, you’re not alone!

Of course! Email us at contact@univi.app and we will be happy to send you a certificate reflecting your completion of all Units.

Awesome! Contact us at contact@univi.app. We are happy to hear what you have on your mind!

Recruitment will be based on experience, and successful completion of a test task.

We’d love to chat, just write to us: contact@univi.app

Meet Univi Tutors

Video Creation

Create catchy videos using your phone!


Selling can be easy and fun. I promise!

Graphic Design

Gives you tools to create a distinctive brand

Content Creation

Content creation made simple and exciting.


Discover how to use SM to build your brand

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